The Boys

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Irreverencia, orquesta, guitarras punk, bajos y batería para esta gran banda de sonido de la serie de Amazon Prime Video.

Christopher Lennertz ‎– The Boys (Music From The Amazon Original Series)


A1Translucent Alive
A2Truck Robbery
A5On The Trail
A6Homelander And Stillwell
A7Race Of The Century
A8Boys Arrive
A9Hughie Stalls Starlight
A10Maeve Spars
A11Start The Race
A12Popclaw Climaxes
A14Kidnapping Translucent
B1Ass Bomb
B2Translucent Explodes
B3Hughie Trashes Room
B4Translucent Visits Hughie
B5Planting Bug Plan
B6Dock Patrol
B7I’m The Hero
B9Starlight Teams Up
B10Frenchie’s First Kill
B11Homelander’s Speech
C1Butchers’s Pep Talk
C2Rescue The Female
C3Frenchie Lost Female
C4Dead Shooter
C5Hospital Shootout
C6Graveside Sledgehammer
C7Maeve’s Girlfriend
C9Tent Confrontation
C10Starlight’s Speech
C11Come In
C12Black Knight Not
C13Kimiko’s Backstory
D1Subway Chase
D2Mesmer And Homelander
D3The Mesmerizer
D4Butcher Tells Hughie
D5Hughie Kisses Starlight
D6Robin’s Memory
D8Always A Choice
D9Supe Terrorist
D10A-Train Shows Up
D11Shoot Out
D12I Got Teddy