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El infiltrado del KKKlan (Blackkklansman) nominada en 2020 a mejor Score en los Premios Oscar. Les cuento sobre el trabajo del músico Terence Blanchard.


A1Gone With The Wind
A2Hatred Is Best
A3Main Theme
A4Ron’s Theme
A5Firing Range
A6No Cross Burning Tonight
A7Patrice Library
A8Ron Meets FBI Agent
A9Connie And The Bomb
A10Guarding David Duke
B1Tale Of Two Powers 1
B2Tale Of Two Powers 2
B3Tale Of Two Powers 3
B4Woodrow Wilson
B5Klan Cavalry
B6Ron’s Search
B7Patrice Swallowed
B8Here Comes Ron
B9White Power Theme
B10Partner Funk Theme
B11Main Theme – Ron
B12Blut Und Boden (Blood and Soil)
B13Photo Opps